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20 Jul 2019 

Paul Andrew Williams BA, dip.Hyp,

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These two words can often be misconstrued, so to help, I have written a brief definition of both. I use an integrated approach to my therapy work and counselling and psychotherapy play a part but should not raise any undue fears, remember, my aim is to help you find, a new, happier, more fulfilled, you.

COUNSELLING - giving professional guidance, to assist a client to solve
personal and interpersonal issues.

PSYCHOTHERAPY - helps a client understand and accept their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what makes them feel positive or anxious. Identifying these feelings and ways of thinking helps the client to cope with situations they find difficult, and new ways of approaching them.

We all need someone to talk to, in times of stress but talking to a trained therapist can unlock all of those negative emotions and discover a far happier more positive person.

You may have had a crisis of confidence with work, relationships, family or even with your sporting interests, I can return you to a positive self assured foundation, able to strive forward confidently.

Unless you contact me you will never know what great things you can achieve, let me unlock your true potential.

For a no obligation response,

email me now, (press the link above the flower),

or call me 07721 606170 for an immediate reply or leave a message on 01949 876604.

My rates are very reasonable and the initial consultation is FREE.
If asked to travel there maybe a small charge for petrol.

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