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20 Jul 2019 

Paul Andrew Williams BA, dip.Hyp, dip.srt

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Hi, my name is Paul Andrew Williams and I have been a successful therapist for 15 years, treating people with a variety of conditions from brain injury to the more common, anxiety. Harrowing sexual abuse through to coping with simple phobias, my intergrated treatment plans are always put together discreetly, with the minimum of fuss, yet always putting the client first, as an individual.

So what do you want to know about me?

I'm 43 years of age married to my one and only wife for 15 years and have a son aged 13. I guess we are a normal family, if there is such a thing, we live on a housing estate, pay the bills, you and everyone else pays and interract in the local community. My hobbies have often been sports orientated and been a qualified sports coach for 6 years. I have given up my spare time for many voluntary organisations both sporting and therapeutic.

So why choose me, to help you?

You may have a distinct idea of what you want to achieve, with your chosen therapy, that's great, but most people don't, some people don't know if anyone has the ability to help them at all. With my experience of so many different therapies, I am more than likely in a position to help you more than most, not only that, I use an integrated approach,so using a variety of techniques to help you reach your true potential.

What Conditions Can it Help?

As I use many diffrent approaches to my therapy work, the list of conditions that I have successfully treated or can treat are almost endless, but here are a few; anxiety, stress, weight control, phobias, multiple sclerosis, m e,pain control, self esteem motivation, learning difficulties, sleep disorders, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, depression, overcoming injury etc.

The best way to find out whether I can help you, is to contact me by email and I will get in touch with you, at my cost.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Your level of expectation is something that we will discuss from the outset but the results I can attain can be truly life changing for the recipient, just read some of my client testimonials below:

"You have been helping me control my M S for 15 years now and during that time I have had just one small relapse. It appeared that my M S was becoming progressive as large attacks were happening yearly and when you met me I had lost my speech for 2 days. I work full time and knowone would ever guess that I'm an M S sufferer. As I don't have any treatment other than your therapy work I can't thank you enough" Jane from Nottingham.

"After my little boy suffered a life threatening brain injury, I didn't know who to turn, I thank god that I found you as you helped me with the trauma and retrained my sons hearing and transformed his life for the better. He is now a well balanced happy normal boy of 12" Maria from Newark.

"I suffered from dreadful feelings of suicide and depression for the last 10 years but somehow you managed to wipe away those thoughts" Ms H from Bottesford.

"After my knee operation, you gave me the confidence to carry on playing cricket and steadily brought me back to the standard of play I'm used to. From the hypnosis DVDs and your regular emails, it really was amazingly quick and easy to do" Mark from Durham.

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